About Us




A full-service creative marketing agency
based in Kampala, Uganda.

We believe great marketing and design starts with an idea. A creative spark fuelled by a sense of curiosity that leads to a new way of finding a solution.

Our mission is to create work that engages customers, inspires loyalty, and sets a new benchmark for what design can deliver. We ask the hard questions, push for excellence and never settle for the status quo. We understand the harder path can lead to the most exceptional thinking and powerful design work.

Our solutions have succeeded for clients ad infinitum. Clients of all sizes have chosen to work with us, from entrepreneurial start-ups to some of the best-known names in FMCG, Finance and Manufacturing. So we are used to working on projects big and small, sometimes developing identities from scratch, other times helping long-established brands stay ahead of the pack. We know how to turn heads and steal hearts because that’s what winning brands do.

Success in design and marketing depends on ideas that work. To inform, sell, surprise and entertain, we deliver them on brief, on budget and on time.

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